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Born and raised in Metro Detroit. I have a deep love for the city and all that it has to offer. Always seeking growth, absorbing all that I can and cherishing the treasures that I collect along the way. I am fortunate in my life to experience many true connections with others where I am gifted with energy, light, passion and grace.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Raft: the view and the memories

Sharing a few photos of one of my favorite spots, "The Raft". This is a little place on Lake St. Clair in Fair Haven, Michigan. This quaint little spot specializes in burgers and chili, but for me, it covets some very dear memories with my Daddy. We used to make the drive North along Jefferson Ave, ending up at "The Raft". As we traversed this scenic road, my Dad would share stories with me. We would order our food at the walk-up window out back and with no real care for time on those days, we would sit out at the picnic tables behind this little restaurant and share a meal while taking in the remarkable view. On most occasions, while visiting this old familiar spot, there would be a swan or two wandering around just off shore. If you ever make it out to that neck of the woods, stop in for a burger and an amazing view.

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