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Born and raised in Metro Detroit. I have a deep love for the city and all that it has to offer. Always seeking growth, absorbing all that I can and cherishing the treasures that I collect along the way. I am fortunate in my life to experience many true connections with others where I am gifted with energy, light, passion and grace.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Harmony" project completed May 29, 2011

Earlier this year, I started a project which I posted here and I want to share the completed piece with you now. The project was definitely a leap of faith, something I had never attempted before and yet, it makes perfect sense, as it combines my love of music and my passion for art. The project is entitled, HARMONY and is a living, breathing, work of instrumental art. Yes, I said living and breathing because when it is played, I feel it is life in motion and this piece of art can be played. I would appreciate your feedback on this piece.

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  1. Beautiful. You transformed an old, somewhat tired guitar into a vibrant piece of art. Looking forward to seeing more instrumental art from you.